Relocation Management


Relocation management services

A positive relocation and repatriation experience ensures the assignee be productive for the company as quickly as possible, helping you to achieve a good return on investment. Very importantly it also ensures that the family settles into their new surroundings quickly.

Whether it is an individual or a family moving to an overseas location it can be a stressful time. We work with relocation experts who will determine the needs of the assignees and their family.

Familiarisation/ Look- See visits

In advance of an assignment going live, the assignee and accompanying family will undertake a familiarisation visit to the host location. This will typically enable home search, school search and orientation tours to take place.


Home Search

The home search is an important aspect of the assignment process. At the start of each home search, we begin by gathering information from the assignee via one of our relocation service providers. We customise our service for family and circumstance. This enables us to offer a first-class service to our clients whilst ensuring your policy requirements are fulfilled.

School Search & Education consultancy

For those assignees with children, the school search will be a vital aspect of the assignment process and will be high on their priority list. The service provided should focus on advising on the different types of schools, curriculum and examination system as well as obtaining prospectus for each establishment.

All aspects of the time-consuming home and school search are taken out of your hands. Your assignee will be confident they are receiving expert advice and assistance. This will make the transition easier for both the employee and their family.


Co-ordination of accommodation services

Not only might you need to source a suitable property for your assignee and family, but you also need to secure that property and pay for and maintain the property. Once a suitable property in the host location is sourced, IPM can manage the lease arrangements and can also manage payment of deposits and monthly rents. We will also track lease details and will negotiate lease renewals in a timely fashion.

Language & Cultural training

At IPM we want your business and international assignee and family to be given every opportunity to integrate into their new environment as soon as they land. We believe it is important for assignees and their families to be given the opportunity to understand the local culture and to learn the local language. We can source a number of programmes to suit your business needs via our network of cultural and language providers.


Household Goods Removals

We work with several expert international removal companies. They have been carefully selected by us and meet the criteria for ‘preferred’ supplier status. We organise quotations and manage all removal needs. This service ensures that your assignees are receiving a personal service that recognises their individual needs. Freight providers will undertake surveys within the assignee’s home, will pack up the home and will then deliver the goods to the home in the new location to unpack.

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