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Whether your company is planning its first international assignment, or you already move people globally, our range of Global Mobility Consultancy services are there to support you.

  • Our Consultants have a wealth of experience at the end to end process of Global Mobility and are therefore uniquely placed to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  • We will complement the skill set of your Internal HR teams to work co-operatively as your Global Mobility adviser.
  • Advice will come from one source.
  • Our ethos is to be pro-active and collaborative in advising our clients.

By utilising our Consultancy services you can be assured your policies and processes:

  • Support compliance and cost optimisation
  • Are competitive and in line with “best practice”
  • Embed consistency in the application of policy and service provision for all moves globally
  • Are as clear and uncomplicated as possible
  • Increase the perceived success in international assignments across the business.
  • Balance the needs of the Company with those of the assignee and their family.

Our Consultancy services fall into four main areas:

1. Policy Development

2. Policy Review

3. Process Mapping/Planning

4. Compliance Audit and Cost Optimisation


1. Policy Development

If embarking on international assignments for the first time, or if assignments have previously been handled in an ad-hoc decentralised way, then our Consultants will work with you to develop a policy.

At IPM we take a holistic approach to your International Assignment policy.   We will develop a policy framework around your needs and strategic objectives for international assignments, but also with our detailed knowledge of best practice, and cost/ process optimisation.

We will produce a structured guide for use in your Company covering all aspects which will assist both the assignee and the Company (HR and Business Manager) understand what is expected of them. This ensures consistency between assignments, and that assignees are better prepared before they go on assignment.

2. Policy Review

You may have an existing policy but feel that it needs a review, as it is not working as you want it to, or you just simply want to benchmark it against best practice.

  • Our wealth of experience means we will help you have a better understanding of your present mobility position, so that policy and process are amended to support your requirements, objectives and aspirations going forward.
  • Our Consultants will listen to your concerns, analyse your existing policy and pro-actively make suggestions for improvements based on compliance, cost optimisation, best practice and consistency.
  • We will work with other stakeholders such as existing assignees, Global HR colleagues and line managers to ensure “buy in” to any changes made.
  • We will work with you as to how any policy changes are implemented and communicated and how existing assignees will be treated, this may include training sessions.

3. Process Mapping/Planning

Even where a formal policy is in place, if the duties and responsibilities of each party are not clear, even a very clear and comprehensive policy will not be brought to life successfully in practice.

Our experienced team’s personalised approach to advising on every aspect of the assignment lifecycle ensures successful outcomes. This is the case whether we are working with you to design a process from scratch, or to re-engineer an existing process.

Mapping the process will make it clear – Who does what? How they do it and  When they do it. This sounds simple but if not properly managed and co-ordinated, it can lead to many problems

If we assist you to set up and then run a global mobility program (see Global Talent and Mobility Services for further information), it makes the transition to working overseas as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you and your assignees.

4. Compliance Audit and Cost Optimisation

A Compliance audit gives you the peace of mind that legislative requirements are being met, and making Government agency (e.g. Revenue or Border Control) investigation less likely.  However we will then work with you to optimise costs in those areas

Where you have existing assignments, our Consultants will review your assignments against each of the following criteria:-

  • Immigration – requirements for work permit in host country, and how is this tracked.
  • Tax obligations - in both home and host countries (withholding and tax return)
  • Social security – in both home and host countries
  • Legal structure of contracts
  • Compliance with internal policy
  • Identify “internationally mobile employees” who may not formally be part of any existing assignment policies. There may be compliance issues arising from their role, or travel pattern which need attention


Our Consultants will report on their findings, and then:-

  • Any areas requiring immediate attention
  • Where the company can optimise tax and social security costs
  • Ascertain if, where there are exceptions to policy, is this down to de-centralisation of implementation, poor communication of the policy itself or that the existing policy does not meet your needs
  • Recommend how to track compliances issues going forward, so that matters do not arise in the future either on the same assignments or your potential new ones.

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