On-going assignment management

IPM provides you with the support you need throughout the assignment. We maintain a comprehensive assignee database which enables us to provide this ongoing support. We monitor the tax and financial implications of the assignment on a regular basis. This enables us to accurately recalculate the assignee package for pay review and bonus awards, taking into account the cost of living and exchange rate data. IPM works as your extended HR team.


Payroll Instructions

Home and host country payroll often find it a challenge to handle split payrolls. We will liaise with the payroll department in both the home and host countries to ensure that correct payments are being made and that tax and social security is being correctly accounted for. Our instructions will cover all income elements and will identify all withholding obligations as home and host payrolls run.

Tax Reporting & Expense Management

IPM maintains comprehensive assignment data including:

Details of assignment salaries, allowances, and benefits including the facility to record and report on all expenses and assignment costs.

We also operate an expense management service for our clients, managing assignee expense claims, and 3rd party invoice payments.


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