Assignee documentation & briefings

Assignment Letters

It is important that the assignment letter not only incorporates the terms and conditions of the assignment but also reflects any tax planning assumptions that have been made. We will draft the contract for you which is compliant and supports your Global Mobility policy.


Assignee Briefings – Tax, Security, Assignment

The assignment briefing is one of the most important aspects of our service offering. This is the opportunity to detail the assignment processes, to highlight potential areas of concern, to introduce our service providers and to develop the rapport with your assignee and family that will facilitate our future relationship with them.

Co-ordination of tax advisor briefings

Your tax advisor will provide pre-departure and post-arrival tax briefings for your assignee. We will organise those arrangements with them, or if you do not have a tax adviser, we will appoint one from our preferred providers. We will liaise with the tax advisor to ensure that home and host country tax returns are submitted on time, and that all remuneration costs and assignment costs are reported to them.


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