Global Talent Management Services

Pre Assignment support: IPM understands that providing clients with clear, concise, and accurate guidance is of paramount importance. We aim to provide advice and assistance on every aspect of the assignment process on behalf of clients from the initial stage to completion of the full relocation journey. Outsourcing the overall management of your global mobility programme can ensure consistency of policy, application, process adherence, and service delivery to your business and assignee population, which in turn, minimises risks and controls costs for all parties.


Whether it is an individual or a family moving to an overseas location it can be a stressful time. We work with relocation experts who will determine the needs of the assignees and their family. IPM is able to offer comprehensive planning and advisory consultancy as well as risk analysis to clients on the assignment process. We provide cost projections and balance sheets to help companies manage their assignee population more efficiently.

Assignment lifecycle

Policy & Process

Assignment initiation

Compensation and benefits

Assignment Allowances

Assignee Documentation & briefings

Relocation Management

On-going assignment management

End of Assignment - Repatriation/Extension/Localise


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