End of Assignment – Repatriation/Extension/Localisation

When an assignment approaches its end date there are often as many things to consider in closing down the assignment as there were in its initiation. The next options for the business and assignee could be:

  • Extension of the assignment
  • Consecutive Assignment in a new country
  • Localisation
  • Repatriation to the home country

IPM assist our clients with planning that next stage, from costing and compliance planning forΒ  extensions or new assignments through to reviewing options for localisation such as implementing transitional arrangements prior to full localisation.

We also take care of all aspects of repatriation including closing down host country housing arrangements and arranging removals and temporary housing as well as arranging the cessation of assignment allowances and benefits.

We interact with assignees directly to resolve their queries and ensure their repatriation and assimilation back into the home country goes as smoothly as possible.


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