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The Professional Guide to an Effective International Assignment Programme – 9 Essential Factors to Consider

With businesses increasingly operating globally, the growing demand for talent and rising activity in emerging markets, companies are sending more employees on international assignments. Your employees are therefore more mobile than ever!

Living and working abroad can be life changing and highly exhilarating for anyone. It can open your mind and thoughts about the world we live in and its different cultures. Although it can be quite an experience, it can also involve risks that can impact not just the expat, but the company itself, if robust processes are not in place. But what makes an international assignment a success?

  • Factor #1 – Assignee Experience
  • Factor #2 – Selection of the Employee
  • Factor #3 – Training – Culture and Language
  • Factor #4 – Country Background and Research
  • Factor #5 – Cost Effectiveness
  • Factor #6 – Documentation
  • Factor #7 – Zero Costs of Non Compliance
  • Factor #8 – Business Strategy
  • Factor #9 – Selection of the Supplier

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To find out more about how these different factors contribute to making an international assignment a success, then please download our a helpful whitepaper

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