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The Challenge of Global Mobility

The 21st century is the age of globalization; More and more large & small companies are expanding beyond their home countries to capitalize on the international market, promote their development, outreach to customers worldwide, and collaborate with partners.

Moving people from many nations through different borders requires lots of preparation, agreements, paperwork, and plenty of unpredictable difficulties. Everything is fragmented as most tasks belong to a different stakeholder/partner. The whole process becomes extremely error-prone due to a large number of external tools and people involved. Not even mentioning that it’s quite a time-consuming process. All this leads to complexity and confusion for both the HR department and employees.

The primary goal of Global Mobility Services is to help multinational companies expand worldwide as smoothly as possible. But if you look into this deeper there’s one more important mission. By simplifying the process of moving between countries, more companies will consider this option for their businesses and eventually implement it. In other words, GMS aims to make the world even more global.

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