Technology & Database Management

The comfort of knowing that your overseas assignments are being managed more efficiently and both the assignee and the company will be compliant.

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In-house database betagan precio peru

  • Details of salary and benefits, historical data in addition to current, vital for calculating the initial assignment remuneration package and annual salary reviews.
  • COLA data, location allowance or any other allowance your company policy offers to ensure the assignee is kept whole.
  • Exchange rates required for calculations and to monitor currency fluctuation.
  • Key dates, e.g. passport, visa and work permit start and expiry dates, critical to ensure assignees can legally travel and work in the assigned country.
  • Assignment start and end dates, essential to manage the relocation, prolongation and eventual repatriation.
  • Emergency contact details, important in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Managements reports as required, by date, home/host country order to view critical dates, pending assignments, current assignments, assignments due to end.
  • IPM will monitor the dates as a matter of course and will alert you well before the expiry date so that a decision can be made whether to prolong, repatriate or transfer the assignee to local employment terms.
  • Storage of all important documents ranging from tailored assignment letter to compliancy documents.
  • Tracking of destinations services such as immigration, pre assignment visit, orientation, freight, relocation etc.
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Tax Software

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  • Hypothetical home tax calculation, based on salary to obtain a hypothetical net salary. Many of our clients have adopted the tax equalisation approach to pay and benefits.
  • Application of COLA and other allowances determined by policy to obtain an adjusted net salary.
  • Host country gross up tax calculation, taking into accounts all components of the tax and social security planning.
  • Preparation of the balance sheet to show the net position for the assignee and the tax liability for the Company.
  • Preparation of assignment costing to include all the salary costs and other benefits provided.
  • The calculation of the additional tax on the taxable value of benefits in accordance with the Host Country tax rules.
  • The calculation provides support with the checking of the final pay delivery.