Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Making the transition to working overseas as simple and uncomplicated as possible

Getting it right from the beginning is crucial. You want to fulfil the needs of both the company and your assignees. You want to know you are receiving value for money and the level of service required to support your global mobility programme. At IPM we have developed an efficient assignment process. As each client is unique in their requirements, we modify this process to suit individual needs. We define every step of the process, so that everyone understands what is involved and the part that they play in it. This helps ensure a successful assignment which helps you achieve a good return on investment.

We help you to determine the type of assignment required:

  • Long Term Assignment (over 1 year)
  • Short Term Assignment (under 1 year)
  • International Commuter
  • Business Traveller
  • Permanent Transfer
  • Local Hire
  • Expat Light

We work with you to determine what level of help you require. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying your international assignment needs
  • Determining the assignment type
  • Defining the purpose of the assignment - what will the job entail and what is expected?
  • Ensuring alignment with strategic business goals and talent management objectives
  • Establishing the total cost of the proposed assignment - year by year
  • Preparing the package, including cost of living and home and host country hypothetical tax calculations
  • Advising on host country immigration laws, regulations and Visa requirements
  • Executing Visa preparation and application
  • Confirming assignment length/type and reviewing the resulting tax and social security implications
  • Organising third party services, e.g. removals, home and school searches, language and cultural training, etc.
  • Ongoing support for the duration of the assignment

We will explain the process and brief the assignee on:

  • Details of the policy, benefits and compensation
  • Assignment letter
  • Review tax treatment and arrange tax consultation
  • Immigration requirements
  • Tax and social security planning
  • Confirm pay delivery
  • Initiate an assessment of the needs and requirements of the assignee's family
  • Home and school search
  • Facilitate cultural awareness and language training
  • Removals and storage
  • Ongoing support

Your benefits

Our Consultants are here to support your business and your people in achieving your objectives. We are here to compliment the skill set within your HR teams to help the assignee and their family make the transition to working overseas as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and arrive in their host location fully prepared. This will in turn lead to a successful assignment.