Repatriation & Reassignment

Efficient repatriation helps the assignee reintegrate back into the home country business.

When an assignment comes to an end there are often as many things to consider as there were at the beginning. It is important that the assignee and their family are repatriated to their home country as smoothly as possible. This leads to a positive conclusion to the assignment for both you and the assignee.

All aspects of the repatriation process

We take care of all aspects of repatriation from host country housing arrangements and removals through to revised contracts. We can interact directly with your assignees to resolve queries, reinforcing our position as an extension of your HR team. The service we provide is determined by your individual requirements. Repatriation assistance includes:

  • Departure services - e.g. closing down the lease & utilities for host country housing
  • Home search (if required)
  • School search (if required)
  • Removals & storage
  • Cultural re-training (if required)
  • Revised contracts
  • Payroll instructions
  • Flights
  • Reintegration into home tax & Social Security system