Assignment Management

Delivering successful assignments helping you achieve a good return on investment.

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Assignee Briefings

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Co-ordination of work permits and visas

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Co-ordination of home & school searches

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Co-ordination of cultural and language training

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Co-ordination of freight to location services

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Co-ordination of accommodation services

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Co-ordination of tax advisor liaison

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Co-ordination of familiarisation visits

comrar venta flomax In advance of an assignment going live, the assignee and accompanying family will undertake a familiarisation visit to the host location. This will typically enable home search, school search and orientation to take place.

Your benefits

comprar bystolic sin receta You can be confident that IPM become the first point of contact from assignee issues with your HR or operational team only becoming involved as a point of escalation. We monitor applicable expiry dates, dealing with renewals, so you don’t have to. You can be confident that your assignees are interfacing with a provider who views them as individuals and not as a shipment of belongings, and that your assignees are living in suitable accommodation which is being maintained to the highest standard. Your assignee and family will have a clear idea of what to expect from their imminent posting and will be well prepared for their new environment

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