Solutions to all aspects of your global mobility programme

Offering expert knowledge needed to help aid the smooth migration of your people. For many organisations, global mobility is a distinct area within the HR function. For others, this resource is provided through an outsourced solution such as ourselves. Regardless of how this service is provided to a business, it is imperative that a company’s global mobility requirements are handled correctly. Getting your global mobility provision right can present some common challenges for any organisation

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

As you know, parts of the process can be labour intensive in terms of resourcing hours spent on remuneration calculations and dealing with the pitfalls and compliance issues. We would specifically review areas of concern which have been highlighted to date in terms of the current international assignee population.

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Consultancy and advisory services

The complexities of immigration and tax and social security are increasingly challenging; the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. You can be confident that you are compliant with all immigration and home and host country tax and social security requirements.

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Compensation and remuneration

To manage your international assignment costs, you need precise information to calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation packages. We use our expert knowledge to incorporate complicated issues and plan for every eventuality. We help you avoid being caught out, by ensuring that your requirements are fulfilled in both the home and host country.

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Assignment management

As each client is unique in their requirements, we modify this process to suit individual needs. This helps ensure a successful assignment which helps you achieve a good return on investment. Whether it is an individual or a family moving to an overseas location it can be a stressful time. We work with relocation experts who will determine the needs of the assignees and their family.

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On-going management & support

Your need for support doesn’t stop after expatriation. You may require up-to-date data for a pay and bonus review. The assignee package may need to be recalculated as a result of exchange rate fluctuations or changes in cost of living. This means we are there for your assignees and your HR teams should they have any problems or queries during the assignment.

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Repatriation & reassignment

Efficient repatriation helps the assignee reintegrate back which leads to a positive conclusion to the assignment for both you and the assignee. When an assignment comes to an end there are often as many things to consider as there were at the beginning. We can interact directly with your assignees to resolve queries, reinforcing our position as an extension of your HR team.

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Technology & database management

Our tools are available every step of the way by reducing time, increasing efficiency and enabling total control. There are a number of things that need to be considered during an assignment. Vital documentation, such as passports, visas and work permits may expire. We maintain a confidential database, designed to meet the needs of our customers.

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