Human Capital interview – the people in your organisation

Six critical questions you must answer before you send employees overseas.

comprar arjuna sin receta The global world of business is changing rapidly and more and more businesses are beginning to expand their operations overseas. Those of you who have already started this journey will be aware that sending employees overseas requires research and planning, due to the many pitfalls which could jeopardize your plans. There are a range of considerations to take into account when operating an international assignment programme.

comprar zerofat-a Here are 6 important questions which you should ask when you’re preparing to expand your business overseas. Knowing your answers, and the action you need to take as a result, will have a huge impact on the success or failure of your project:


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Companies want the highest possible “Return on Investment”, therefore, choosing the right people: those who are dedicated and motivated to succeed, are more likely to adjust to the foreign culture and environment and thereby succeed in the international assignment; is paramount. Issues such as ageing parents’ health, schooling, the family’s ability to adapt into a new culture, dual careers etc are matters that must be taken into account.

5. What is the reason for the move?

International assignments take place for several reasons i.e. troubleshooting, lack of local skills and experience, employee development, talent management, moving into new markets. Whatever the reason, you will need to know what specialist skills are required in the host location, and then be able to select the most appropriate employee.

6. How long are they going for?

Assignment types are many and varied – Long term (3-5 years); Medium term (1-3 years); Short term (3-12 months); Commuter; Business Tripper; Permanent Transfer or Permanent Transfer with additional benefits – to name but a few. It is essential to have a policy framework for each type to ensure consistency of treatment among your employees.

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