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Registered Traveller Service Provides a Way to Avoid Border Customs Queuing in the UK

The UK Visa and Immigration’s new ‘Registered Traveller service’ has now gone live. This new service will stream line border crossing for regular visitors and visa holders from eligible countries that have been enrolled.

As we head through the summer season and border security stringency as well as the number of travellers continues to increase, it is likely that avoiding the congestion will speed up the door-to-door travel time of you or your staff significantly, making business travel less of a hassle.

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Who is eligible?

If you or your employees are a…

  • National of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or the USA.

And also a…

  • Visa holder – including many of the major work permit routes such as Tier 2 General or ICT but excluding types of tier 5 visa, EEA family permits, discretionary leave or leave outside the rules.


  • Regular visitor who has visited the UK 4 times in the last 52 weeks.

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  • Landing card not required
  • Access to ePassport gates if you have a biometric passport
  • Use of fast entry lanes at a number of UK airports and French Eurostar terminals (to avoid the perennial queuing nightmares).

Through our preferred partner, Newland Chase, we can manage and assist in completing the required documentation on your behalf and obtaining permission from the Home Office for you or eligible company staff to travel on the ‘Registered Traveller Service’.

If you wish to enquire about this service, do not hesitate to contact us!


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