Late EUSS Applications

Applications should have been made to the EU Settlement Scheme by 30th June, however if you have not yet made your application due to circumstance, please see our guidance below.


Late EUSS applications
It may be possible to make a late application under the EU Settlement Scheme, but the applicant must be able to show that they have grounds, a “good reason”, for not meeting the deadline. The Home Office will consider such applications at their own discretion on a case-by-case basis. The relevant individuals will not be able to start employment until they can demonstrate their immigration status to their employer.

Under a concession in place until 31 December 2021, employers who currently employ applicants who have not made an application in time are not required to stop the individual from working provided:
• They make an application under the EU Settlement Scheme within 28 days; and
• They employer obtains a Positive Verification Notice via the Employer Checking Service.

Applicants should ensure they include their reasons for applying late in the relevant section on their application form and, if required, upload digital evidence to support those reasons before submitting their application.

Since the Home Office also requires those with pre-settled status to make a further application in order to upgrade to settled status, their late application guidance also applies to those who fail to do so in-time and before their pre-settled status expires.

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