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IPM employees take part in Peterborough litter pick

As part of Zero Waste Week 2015, Investors in the Environment joined forces with Thorpe Gate Rivercare, a community group that actively works on cleaning the river and helping promote biodiversity. They hold monthly litter picks and encourage anyone from the community, or any businesses, to get involved.

IPM Global Mobility and the iiE team worked with Thorpe Gate Rivercare. IPM employees share their experience:

“Not only did we enjoy ourselves whilst doing our bit for the community, but we also had people coming up to us and thanking us for volunteering to do such a helpful thing. It was good to know it was appreciated by so many. We found some rather unusual items! Pair of shoes, Xbox games, electronic items, clothes, blankets, golf balls, and alcohol bottles!”

On the day, 18 people turned up and a record total of 34 bags full of rubbish were collected, including an abandoned bicycle, to add to the unusual item list mentioned above.

No matter where you are in the UK, there will be a litter picking group near you. We encourage all businesses or staff members to volunteer and take part in these groups.




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