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Immigration Update: New UK Immigration Routes

New UK Immigration Routes:

The UK Government announced two new routes with the aim of transforming the country’s immigration system. The goal for these new routes is to drive innovation and growth, creating the platform for growth in the private sector.

Unsponsored Route:
In Spring 2022, the UK Home Office plans on introducing a new, unsponsored points-based route to attract the brightest and best to the UK, with a particular emphasis placed on the very high skilled and academically elite. Within this route, the aim is to attract those with the skills the UK labour market needs and create a ‘scale up’ stream that will allow those with a job offer at the required skills level from a recognised UK scale-up to qualify for a fast-track visa, without the need for sponsorship.

Global business mobility route:
The Home Office also plans on creating a single, sponsored Global Business Mobility route that will simplify the UK immigration offer for business by bringing together, reforming and expanding a number of existing routes that exist for this purpose. This route will also be introduced in Spring 2022.

The Global Business Mobility route will incorporate:
• Existing provisions for intra-company transferees, subject to any recommendations made by the independent Migration Advisory Committee following the Home Secretary’s commission.
• Existing arrangements implementing the UK’s trade commitments in respect of contractual service suppliers and independent professionals.
• New provision to accommodate import and export-related secondments to, for example, better accommodate scenarios in which an overseas business has contracted with a UK business for the supply of goods and needs to second workers to the supplier for the purposes of product development or familiarisation.
• Arrangements for employees of an overseas business assigned to the UK to establish a branch or subsidiary of that business. Existing rules which restrict the route to a single representative per sending business will be relaxed depending on, for example, the size of the investment in the UK. The UK Home Government is examining how these arrangements can be carried within the sponsorship system.

Employers should familiarise themselves with amendments to the Immigration Rules to help secure the right talent in driving their businesses forward.

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