A positive relocation and repatriation experience helps the assignee be productive for the company as quickly as possible, helping you to achieve a good return on investment.

Delivering successful assignments helping you achieve a good return on investment.

Outsourcing the overall management of your global mobility programme can ensure consistency of policy, application, process adherence and service delivery to your business and assignee population, which in turn, minimises risks and controls costs for all parties. Whether it is an individual or a family moving to an overseas location it can be a stressful time. We work with relocation experts who will determine the needs of the assignees and their family.

Assignee Briefings

It is universally accepted that there are certain key events which can trigger stress. Moving house, changing job and marriage breakdown top this list. For your assignee and family, a proposed assignment covers the first two points perfectly. It is our intention that a proper briefing will go some way to alleviating the stress in this situation. The assignee briefing is, in our view, one of the most important aspects of our service offering. This is our opportunity to detail the process, to highlight potential areas of concern, to introduce our service providers and to develop the rapport with your assignee and family that will facilitate our relationship with them. Our objective is that we manage the assignment with the full trust of the assignee and the company’s full support.

Co-ordination of work permits and visas

For any assignment your expatriate may require a work permit, a residence permit or a visa for the host country. Even if you are on a 1 or 2-day business trip, for some countries you may need an entry visa. Does your overseas assignee need a work permit, resident permit or visa for the host country? In some countries you may be required to register with the local embassy or consulate once you have moved there. IPM takes care of all the finer details covering every aspect of international business travel and working abroad. We understand and are experts in entry criteria for every country worldwide. This pays dividends when you need to place any number of employees within any host country. The first and most important step is to make sure that all legislation and entry documentation has been applied for in accordance with the turnaround time of each embassy.

Immigration requirements can be challenging; all legislation and entry documentation has to be applied for in line with the strict rules and turnaround times of each embassy. IPM takes care of every aspect of the immigration process. Our suppliers are experts in entry criteria for every country worldwide. This pays dividends when you need to place any number of employees within multiple host countries.

Co-ordination of home & school searches

The home search is an important aspect of the assignment process. Getting it right can make the difference between the success and failure of an assignment. Our comprehensive approach to home search begins with a detailed counselling call with one of our relocation service providers. Everything about our service is built around a philosophy of a first class customer service, based on our ability to customise services for every unique family and circumstance. At the start of each home search we begin by gathering information from the assignee via one of our relocation service providers. We customise our service for family and circumstance. This enables us to offer a first class service to our clients whilst ensuring your policy requirements are fulfilled.

For those assignees with children, the school search will be a vital aspect of the assignment process and will be high on their priority list. We will provide information and help with evaluating the educational provision in the destination location. The service focuses on advising on the different types of schools, curriculum and examination system as well as obtaining prospectus for each establishment. Our expert suppliers provide guidance and assistance for evaluating the educational option in the assignee’s chosen area. Assignees will have access to advice on the different types of schools (state, independent, international), curriculum and examinations systems. They will be provided with a prospectus for each establishment to assist them with their decision. Our aim is to ensure the assignee has enough information and guidance to make the right choice, whilst again ensuring your policy requirements are fulfilled.

All aspects of the time-consuming home and school search are taken out of your hands. Your assignee will be confident they are receiving expert advice and assistance. This will make the transition easier for both the employee and their family.

Co-ordination of cultural and language training

Individuals are often assigned to a country with a totally different culture. They may have little knowledge of the culture or the language. The success of a project can often be down to quick integration into the culture. At IPM we want your business and international assignee and family to be given every opportunity to integrate into their new environment as soon as they land. Whether you are moving overseas, doing business across borders or leading a global team, to be highly effective in today’s international arena you need a deeper cross-cultural understanding. Our extensive induction programmes will help your assignees get to grips with a number of the issues affecting their move to another culture. We believe it is important for assignees and their families to be given the opportunity to understand the local culture and to learn the local language.

Addressing cultural issues will allow the assignee and their family to settle into their new surroundings more quickly and confidently. This will increase the chances of a successful assignment and help you achieve a good return on investment.

Co-ordination of freight to location services

We work with expert international removal companies; they have been carefully selected by us and meet the criteria for ‘preferred’ supplier status. We organise quotations and manage all removal needs. This service ensures that your assignees are receiving a personal service that recognises their individual needs. Freight providers will undertake surveys within the home, will pack up the home and will then return to the home in the new location to unpack. Our choice of provider not only reflects cost but also recognises that this intimate relationship needs to be reflected in the service offering.

Co-ordination of accommodation services

Not only do we need to source a suitable property for your assignee and family, but we also need to secure that property and pay for and maintain the property. Once a suitable property in the host location is sourced, IPM will manage the lease arrangements and will also manage payment of deposit and monthly rent. Where an assignee makes contribution to rent through payroll deduction, this will be instructed in our payroll services. Should there be maintenance issues, IPM will manage these requirements as part of our contract with you. We will also track lease details and will negotiate lease renewals in a timely fashion.

Co-ordination of tax advisor liaison

Your tax advisor will provide pre-departure and post-arrival tax briefings for your assignee. We will organise those arrangements with them. We will liaise with the tax advisor to ensure that home and host country tax returns are submitted on time.

Co-ordination of familiarisation visits

In advance of an assignment going live, the assignee and accompanying family will undertake a familiarisation visit to the host location. This will typically enable home search, school search and orientation to take place.

All aspects of the repatriation process

We take care of all aspects of repatriation from host country housing arrangements and removals through to revised contracts. We can interact directly with your assignees to resolve queries, reinforcing our position as an extension of your HR team. The service we provide is determined by your individual requirements. Repatriation assistance includes:

  • Departure services - e.g. closing down the lease & utilities for host country housing
  • Home search (if required)
  • School search (if required)
  • Removals & storage
  • Cultural re-training (if required)
  • Revised contracts
  • Payroll instructions
  • Flights
  • Reintegration into home tax & Social Security system

Your benefits

You can be confident that IPM become the first point of contact from assignee issues with your HR or operational team only becoming involved as a point of escalation. We monitor applicable expiry dates, dealing with renewals, so you don’t have to. You can be confident that your assignees are interfacing with a provider who views them as individuals and not as a shipment of belongings, and that your assignees are living in suitable accommodation which is being maintained to the highest standard. Your assignee and family will have a clear idea of what to expect from their imminent posting and will be well prepared for their new environment

The assignees and their family will also have a support network in place through IPM and our local service providers to ensure that there is someone to answer questions and to provide practical assistance as required.

IPM Global Mobility – Scott Niven – Head2


Scott Niven, Operations Director

Scott is one of our senior account managers, handling a number of IPM’s largest accounts with assignees in more than 40 countries across the globe! Scott’s main value of working with IPM is that we regard ourselves as your partner, not just a supplier, as this optimises the efficiencies for the business to streamline the process of your assignees.