We help to design and run, or co-run a global mobility program that is most suitable for your needs but one that is also compliant with all regulations in home and host countries.

Making the transition to working overseas as simple and uncomplicated as possible

Every successful assignment follows a full and thorough planning process, the results of which are captured in the assignment letter. The assignment letter forms the terms of reference for all aspects of the assignment from the start date through to the intended end date. Our experienced team's personalised approach to consulting and advising on every aspect of this initial stage ensures a successful outcome.

Our wealth of experience means we can help identify opportunities for cost reduction, efficiencies, and risk mitigation.There is often a need for clients to develop a better understanding of their actual mobility position. To identify the number of assignees that they have in play and the legacy terms and conditions under which they are employed in host locations. If this is the place that we start, then we will specifically review areas of concern which have been highlighted to date, in respect of the current international assignee population. We will review the legal contracts in place and will audit the home and host compliance position for each of these individuals.

We implement necessary policy changes and process re-engineering to ensure that your global mobility programme meets your business’s needs. We can also conduct a comprehensive review of your internal compliance and administrative processes and procedures, current assignee population and all internationally mobile employees, international assignment policies and third party global relocation vendor network.

The International Assignment Policy... but why should you have one?

At IPM we take a holistic approach to your global assignee policy. The importance of a structured guide plays a critical role in defining a Company's requirement of best practice for all of their international assignees. The International Assignment Policy helps your assignees to fully understand what is expected of them and what the Company's obligations will be. It addresses the concerns that international assignees, their families and the business managers may have, with respect to all aspects of assignment preparation, ongoing administration, and repatriation.

It is important that all aspects of the policy should be clear, to assist assignees’ understanding of the expatriate process from start to finish. Underlying objectives of cost control and fairness should provide that your Company policy is flexible, competitive, and easy to understand and administer. We have the expert knowledge to ensure that your policy is robust, consistent and competitive. We combine best practice with your individual needs - this means you will have a policy that supports your business strategy.

Compliance Audits

The complexities of immigration and tax and social security are increasingly challenging. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe. We undertake audits on behalf of our customers to ensure compliance – to ensure that all legislative requirements are met. We will ensure:
  • All immigration visa and work permits are correct for individual personal circumstances and are up-to-date
  • All social security obligations are fulfilled in both the home and host country
  • All tax obligations – payroll withholding as well as individual tax return compliance - are met in both the home and host country
  • You are prepared for any review by home or host country authorities

International strategy review & support

In order to strategically respond to business need, companies must be able to move the right people to the right place at the right time. The global mobility programme can provide powerful reinforcement of the business strategy / overriding people strategy. IPM’s involvement in policy development and strategic overview of a company’s assignment programme will reflect industry developments and trends against our clients’ talent management and financial objectives for short and long term development.

Best practice benchmarking

Benchmarking your International Assignment Policy can have a number of major effects on both the business and the individual. It will help your business judge itself against the industry standards and will help in developing a policy that will not only retain highly talented individuals but will also attract new talent into your business. By benchmarking, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the areas that are required to be covered in your policies and also build a unified position within the business.

Benchmarking allows good practice to be shared, whether it takes place at local, regional or international level, whether in small or large organisation's and irrespective of the level of financial support for a project. The process of benchmarking creates a virtuous circle – the more cooperation occurs, the more the benefits flow from such cooperation.

By conducting operations reviews on international assignment policies, companies are not only asking, "Are we doing it right?", they are recognising that change is an overriding factor in the global marketplace. More importantly, international assignment management programs must keep pace with the global business drivers, and must stay abreast of, or exceed their competitor offerings in this respect.

Your benefits

Our Consultants are here to support your business and your people in achieving your objectives. We are here to compliment the skill set within your HR teams to help the assignee and their family make the transition to working overseas as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and arrive in their host location fully prepared. This will, in turn, lead to a successful assignment.

You will know you are offering a cost effective and fair policy to your assignees which is operated consistently across all locations. Through the analysis of best practice and benchmarking your policy, you will know that your policy will be competitive. A well-designed policy is critical to the success of any international assignment programme. When developing assignment policies, it is important to understand current practices while maintaining focus on the programme’s long-term objectives. IPM provides expert assistance in policy design and development, best practices are identified and analysed, customized policy benchmarking, and policy transition and implementation.

You can be confident that you are compliant with all immigration and home and host country tax and social security requirements. You will know that we will monitor critical dates and will process all required renewals and extensions, so that your assignments remain compliant. You can be confident that company requirements are factored into the individual policy and assignee treatment.

IPM Global Mobility – Anna Di Pasquale – Head2


Anna Di Pasquale, Compliance Director

Anna can provide exceptional advice and support to HR Directors. By ensuring consistency, compliance and accuracy in our client’s Global Mobility programmes, she will demonstrate a genuine understanding of your needs and provide pragmatic and valued support in the day-to-day management.