On-going Support, Payroll, Tax & Expense Management

We are there for your assignees and your HR teams, cover all aspects of support including Payroll, Expense Management, International Taxation and Social Security.

Your need for support does not stop after expatriation.

You may require up-to-date data for a pay and bonus review. The assignee package may need to be recalculated as a result of exchange rate fluctuations or changes in cost of living. Additionally the assignee may have ongoing queries that need addressing. The most important part of outsourcing your international assignment administration to a third party, is to feel confident that such a company is an extension of your organisation's HR function. At IPM we all understand the importance of this role and become as passionate about your assignees as you are. Our teams work together for the same end.

Tracking & monitoring of critical dates

With many of the key tasks required at assignment initiation, there is a need for us to monitor key dates in the process. With Immigration, visas will tend to be granted for a particular period and family passports will also be of finite duration. It is our job to track these dates and initiate renewals in a timely fashion. Leases will tend to be signed for a fixed period and again, we will monitor this to ensure that new terms are negotiated in good time. Social security coverage again will be secured for a fixed period which we will monitor.

Salary review

IPM will undertake the salary review calculations for assignees in tandem with the corporate’s review process across the board. We will ensure that salary increase instructions are applied to base pay and are also reflected in assignment allowances.

On-going general advice

The companies IPM work with see us as their dedicated HR resource, delivering expertise, professional up to date advice and a range of modular services that make sure you are fully compliant will all aspects of international business travel. With larger service providers you can sometime feel that you are a “number". At IPM you will always have a dedicated team and a single point of contact who will fully understand your objectives, your assignees circumstances and the needs of your business. Above all we are reliable, trustworthy and deliver on our commitment each and every time. IPM will administrate all activities to ensure a successful assignment.

IPM provide you with the support you need throughout the assignment. We maintain a comprehensive assignee database which enables us to provide this ongoing support. We monitor the tax and financial implications of the assignment on a regular basis. This enables us to accurately recalculate the assignee package for pay review and bonus awards, taking into account cost of living and exchange rate data. IPM works as your extended HR team. This means that we are there for your assignees and your HR teams should they have any problems or queries during the assignment.

Payroll instructions

Home and host country payroll often find it difficult to handle split payrolls. We will liaise with the payroll department in both the home and host countries to ensure that the correct payments are being made and that the tax and social security is being correctly accounted for. Our instructions will cover all income elements and will identify all withholding obligations as home and host payrolls run.

In-house database

IPM will maintain a database that holds comprehensive details of the assignees.

  • Details of salary and benefits, historical data in addition to current, vital for calculating the initial assignment remuneration package and annual salary reviews.
  • COLA data, location allowance or any other allowance your company policy offers to ensure the assignee is kept whole.
  • Exchange rates required for calculations and to monitor currency fluctuation.
  • Key dates, e.g. passport, visa and work permit start and expiry dates, critical to ensure assignees can legally travel and work in the assigned country.
  • Assignment start and end dates, essential to manage the relocation, prolongation and eventual repatriation.
  • Emergency contact details, important in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Managements reports as required, by date, home/host country order to view critical dates, pending assignments, current assignments, assignments due to end.
  • IPM will monitor the dates as a matter of course and will alert you well before the expiry date so that a decision can be made whether to prolong, repatriate or transfer the assignee to local employment terms.
  • Storage of all important documents ranging from tailored assignment letter to compliancy documents.
  • Tracking of destinations services such as immigration, pre assignment visit, orientation, freight, relocation etc.

Tax Software

Our tax software is core to all our calculations it can include as much or as little detail (value of benefits, pension contributions, age of employee and ages of children if relevant to home or host country.

  • Hypothetical home tax calculation, based on salary to obtain a hypothetical net salary. Many of our clients have adopted the tax equalisation approach to pay and benefits.
  • Application of COLA and other allowances determined by policy to obtain an adjusted net salary.
  • Host country gross up tax calculation, taking into accounts all components of the tax and social security planning.
  • Preparation of the balance sheet to show the net position for the assignee and the tax liability for the Company.
  • Preparation of assignment costing to include all the salary costs and other benefits provided.
  • The calculation of the additional tax on the taxable value of benefits in accordance with the Host Country tax rules.
  • The calculation provides support with the checking of the final pay delivery.

Your benefits

You can be confident that all critical dates are reported on and that all extensions or renewals are secured in good time to maintain the compliance of the assignment. Assignees are included in the review cycle, with assignment terms and conditions being honoured appropriately. You are aware of the ongoing cost implications of every aspect of the assignment. The interests of both the company and the assignee are protected in order that we manage your expectations whilst ensuring that you remain compliant; this helps ensure a successful assignment.

IPM Global Mobility – Scott Niven – Head2


Scott Niven, Operations Director

Scott is one of our senior account managers, handling a number of IPM’s largest accounts with assignees in more than 40 countries across the globe! Scott’s main value of working with IPM is that we regard ourselves as your partner, not just a supplier, as this optimises the efficiencies for the business to streamline the process of your assignees.