Global Mobility Services

Our specialised team and broad offering keeps your employees compliant, supported and productive from day one, wherever your business takes them.

Planning, Advisory, Consultancy & Risk Analysis

We help to design and run, or co-run a global mobility program that is most suitable for your needs but one that is also compliant with all regulations in home and host countries. Our wealth of experience means we can help identify opportunities for cost reduction, efficiencies and risk mitigation.

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Costing & Budgeting

Forecast, process and disburse your international assignments with confidence. We help you to understand the full cost of your assignment program, budget and monitor actual expenditure accordingly. We will ensure you will be offering a competitive assignment package which will compensate and incentivise prospective assignees.

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Relocation, Repatriation & Reassignment

A positive relocation and repatriation experience helps the assignee be productive for the company as quickly as possible. We help you deliver successful assignments by being the single contact point for all services thereby helping you to achieve a good return on investment.

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On-going support, Payroll, Tax & Expense Management

We cover all aspects including Payroll, Expense Management, International Taxation and Social Security. We provide you with the support you need throughout the assignment, being there for your assignees and your HR teams should they have any problems or queries during the assignment.

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GlobaliseMe Academy

Improve Global Mobility skills with best practice training from industry experts, that let people shine and achieve their full potential. GlobaliseMe provides a platform to host Global Mobility expertise, and promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge and new strategies, to help members thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

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