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Global Immigration News Update: European Union


European Union



• On 9 May 2021, the European Parliament approved the EU Digital Green Certificate.

o Several EU Member States are already issuing the certificates, which will become available in all EU Member States as of 1 July 2021. This includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Spain.
o The certificate
 provides proof that a person has either:
 been vaccinated against COVID-19
 received a negative test result
 or recovered from COVID-19;
 is issued for free;
 is available in digital and paper formats;
 is available in a national language and English;
 is valid in all EU and Schengen zone countries;
 consists of a QR code and a digital signature.
o Vaccination certificates will be issued to a vaccinated person for any COVID-19 vaccine.
 When it comes to waiving free movement restrictions, Member States will have to accept vaccination certificates for vaccines which received EU marketing authorisation. Member States may decide to extend this also to EU travellers that received another vaccine.
 It is also for Member States to decide whether they accept a vaccination certificate after one dose or after a full vaccination cycle has been completed.

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