Entry Clearance not activated due to COVID-19 restrictions

If you entered the United Kingdom outside the 30 and 90 day window allowed by your Entry Clearance vignette due to COVID-19 impacts, and your Entry Clearance was not activated as a result, then you can apply to remain in the United Kingdom without having to return overseas or reapply.

By following the process below, you are able to vary the leave and conditions granted on arrival to match the conditions of your Entry Clearance. This will not require any fee to be paid.

In order to accept this offer please e-mail ECActivation@homeoffice.gov.uk with the following details:
• a photo of yourself
• a photo of your Entry Clearance vignette and passport biodata page
• a photo of the Entry stamp in your passport
• details of how your travel was impacted by COVID-19 regulations
• residential address where an updated Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) can be returned

An updated BRP will then be sent to you with the correct conditions.

For more information please contact us at: info@ipmglobalmobility.com

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