Employee Bulletin; The Wider World of Global Mobility

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it is increasingly important to understand how we can support our staff on many different levels. At IPM we want to ensure that we can help support as many people as possible with some helpful tips and advice as well as addressing other legislations and requirements that go beyond the current crisis.

We welcome support and tips from all and look to create a Hub to all work together, not only in these times of trouble but in the future.

We have outlined the main issues that are present during times of crisis and those that are also pertinent specifically to Globally Mobile employees. Given the ever-increasing global mobility of employees, employers could be regularly required to understand and comply with numerous legislative requirements in many jurisdictions. We will keep abreast with changes and add to the list as necessary.

This Guidance therefore sets out the main issues:

  • Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (UK)
  • Brexit and impact on UK immigration
  • Cost, Compliance & Complexity
  • The UK’s plans for a ‘points-based system’ from 1 January 2021
  • Posted Workers & Business Travellers
  • Working from home with children
  • Employee Wellbeing – working from home
  • Crisis Management e.g. Coronavirus related absences, delays etc.
  • End of year reporting 2020
  • Get ready for the rise in the National Minimum and National Living Wage rates on 1 April 2020
  • Changes to the income tax and NICs treatment of emergency vehicles – end of transitional arrangements from 6 April 2020
  • Review of off-payroll working rules from April 2020
  • Tax on an employee’s earnings will be a crucial issue for both employer and employee and should be fully analysed and understood prior to the commencement of any cross-border employment
  • NIC thresholds and Statutory Payments rates 2020-2021
  • Electronic payment deadline falls on a weekend
  • Student and Postgraduate Loans
  • Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay
  • Preparing for changes to Employment Allowance
  • P9 Notice of Coding
  • Short-Term Business Visitors
  • Basic PAYE Tools – New Release
  • A reminder on Benefits in Kind with Cash Allowances, Flexible Benefit Packages and Salary Sacrifice
  • Reporting expenses and benefits
  • Small business survey – Tell ABAB
  • Trivial Benefits
  • Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles and Diesel Supplement Company Car Tax Exemption changes
  • Issues regarding payroll identification of secondees to the UK in error
  • Disguised Remuneration
  • Business Tax Account – 2013-2014 data to be removed
  • Register as an employer
  • A reminder for employees to update their Personal Tax Account
  • Sporting Testimonials & Termination Payments budget measure
  • Update on Termination Payments: EIM12965 Guidance Update
  • News from The Pensions Regulator
  • How does the ageing workforce affect you?
  • Upcoming changes to Immigration & Employment Law, Booklet 480 online; A new digital tool from The Department for International Trade

Call for Action:

Education and Support

We are pursuing a proactive and solution- based approach to the wider world of global mobility.

Our education and support services are part of a full-service global mobility package being offered by IPM. It was incorporated to offer, all parties, a sense of certainty.

To further support businesses, we’ll continue to use the Employer Bulletin to tell you about new products and changes which may affect you and to give you access to further information if you need it. With that in mind we also like to encourage you to contact us.


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