Who we are

IPM Global Mobility Limited (IPM) was established in 1995. We work in the international HR sector, providing specialist HR, Tax and Relocation services and management tools to businesses which employ people who are assigned to work overseas. We offer a unique range of innovative services and tailor-made solutions which have been developed from the wide ranging specialisms within the team - from consultant capability enabling us to develop Global Mobility (GM) Policy provisions - to our ensuring immigration compliance, travel management and financial control.

Compliance issues are often a good starting point and we are experienced at finding and empathising with pain points. This has resulted in our creating long-term customer loyalty. We offer an end-to-end solution. Equally, we are able to provide support for clients at any point on the GM assignment cycle - filling in the gaps within the client’s in-house experience or knowledge or assisting where GM and assignment management is an adjunct to someone’s day to day role.

As well as providing management services to our own client base, we are seen across the sector as being subject matter experts and are increasingly working with thought leaders to share our expertise in GM Strategy and our vision as to how GM will look in the future. To this end, you will see us hitting the small screen in the New Year as part of a series of filmed interviews across a Human Capital Initiative being run out of the UK. On a day to day basis, we supply this expertise to the market place in a readily accessible format through our Resources page on our website.

We are also members of many of the key industry bodies, such as EuRA and FEM. As such, we are visible to other service providers within the GM industry. This also affords us a platform to share knowledge across the piece. Such membership also raises our profile with potential clients.