We have the breadth of service offerings that a global organisation requires when it is looking to outsource its GM programme in its entirety.

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Our Mission

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  • Our Clients HR By working in partnership with, and as an extension to the HR team, our involvement enables them to focus on their day jobs. We provide technical knowledge and expertise as well as advisory and consultancy capability. We deliver value for money by ensuring consistent application of policy; streamlined process management and proactive account management. This results in compliant assignments supported in the most cost effective way possible. All communication is open and transparent.
  • Our Clients Assignees We deliver successful assignment experiences for the assignee and their family by applying a consistent approach to policy and process. The IPM teams develop personal relationships with the family, thereby providing supportive and knowledgeable points of contact for everyone on assignment.
  • Our Employees By training and developing our people, we equip them with the skills & knowledge to perform their role and to develop their full potential. This enables them to provide professional services and to interact with clients and vendors with honesty and integrity and ensures that each one of our people is accountable for delivery and is motivated in their support of clients and colleagues alike.
  • Our Leadership The Leadership Team drives the IPM mission by living and breathing it. We lead by example, we encourage all members of the team so that they can attain their personal development goals and achieve their aspirations.
  • Teamwork We make this happen by working together with open and honest communication – both internally within IPM and externally between our clients and their employees. Not only do we take ownership the GM Policy application but we are the Process and as such, we are seen as being an integral part of our clients’ HR teams.
  • Technology We invest money in robust systems, in disaster recovery and in maintaining technology to facilitate service delivery. Our clients see the output from this investment in streamlined assignment processes and bespoke management reporting.
  • Goals We articulate our three year strategic and business plan and we engage clients and staff to deliver that plan. Through our internal performance management strategy, allied to clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, we ensure delivery of the IPM mission.

Our Vision

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Our Values

  • Listening and understanding This means that we foster a culture of listening & understanding which underpins our core values
  • Being transparent, open and honest We maintain the highest ethical standards and transparency in our work and in our dealings with our colleagues, clients, partners and other stakeholders. We will deliver on what we say and will always be fair and truthful.
  • Working together in Partnership We trust and support each other and work as one high performing team with our colleagues; our clients and their employees; our partners and stakeholders, alike.
  • Recognising and respecting others We recognise and respect the needs and views of our colleagues; clients and their employees; suppliers and stakeholders, alike
  • Being Professionals We will measure our results against KPI’s and will never be satisfied with anything less than the highest standard of service. We offer value and flexibility and strive to meet the future needs of our clients, partners and stakeholders. We also meet the ongoing developmental needs of our colleagues in an ever changing global industry.