Corporate Responsibility

Helping to create the UK's environment capital

We are an ethical company with high values, taking our responsibilities towards our clients and their employees, our suppliers, our employees and the local community seriously. We encourage all we work with and who work for us to consider and make significant contributions to the environmental factors that challenge us all.

To lead by example, we decided to work towards and have achieved the Green Level accreditation through Investors in the Environment, gaining recognition for our efforts and achievement. In 2013, we first gained the Green Level Accreditation and since then have continuously worked to maintain the standard. The environmental work has always been important and the engagement with staff has maintained enthusiasm, even through difficult economic times.

Our Green Champion, with guidance from iiE, has worked together with all employees and managers, introducing simple actions, such as switching off lights and equipment, thinking before you print and controlling water use. These small changes have helped us reduce costs saving over £900 in electricity and over £1000 through water and paper reduction over the last two years.

Why are we doing this?
  • Financial benefits - Cost reduction
  • Public perception/Improved Corporate Image
  • Tendering – ticking boxes/supply chain
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Remain competitive in our market place
  • Because we want to do our bit as a team!
How is it helping?
  • Since starting the Environmental Policy in 2011 we have reduced our electricity, paper and water costs by £3,004.12
  • Since introducing recycling bins we have reduced the amount of waste that goes into landfill by 33%
  • We have engaged employees into thinking about switching off energy fuelled products when not in use and making them more aware of ways to help the environment
  • We have been awarded the IiE Bronze, Silver and Green awards.

Our Environmental Policy

View our environmental policy to see our key environmental impacts and our objectives. The introduction and implementation of this policy is a commitment of IPM’s management team and a shared responsibility with our employees. The policy will be reviewed annually as part of the organisations overall environment management plan.

View green policy

View Latest Litter Pick

Our employees have taken part in litter picks in Peterborough. No matter where you are in the UK, there will be a litter picking group near you. We encourage all businesses or staff members to volunteer and take part in these groups.

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