Global HR solutions

The global world of business is changing rapidly and more and more businesses are beginning to expand their operations overseas. Those of you who have already started this journey, will be aware that sending employees overseas requires a lot of research due to the many pitfalls which could jeopardise your plans.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Time spent on remuneration calculations can be excessive. We will ensure you are compliant in all aspects of tax, social security and immigration.
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Consultancy and Advisory Services

You can be confident through our services that you have up-to-date polices. We will support you with the challenges of your global mobility strategies.
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International Compensation and Remuneration

To manage your international assignment costs, you need precise information to calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation packages.
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Assignment Management

Our bespoke services and technology tools give you the flexibility to plan and manage a wide range of assignments types – from long to short term.
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On-going Management & Support

Your need for support doesn’t stop after expatriation. We are there to support you and your assignees for the duration of the assignment.
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Our clients

Some of our clients have been with us since the beginning, for over 10 years. We provide a high touch, personal service which ongoing client feedback confirms as being of an excellent standard, which is undertaken by an external auditor. This gives us a true reflection on our work and honest feedback as it is completely un-biased.

  • "We have been working with IPM Global Mobility since May 2010. During that time we have developed a good and effective relationship between our two companies. IPM has consistently delivered what they promise and are highly responsive."
    Bjørn Junker, Head of Compensation & Risk
  • "We are an international company based in the UK and north-eastern US with an expat population of 25/30 assignees at any one time. We have and IPM Global Mobility have had a close working relationship for twelve years and we are very much ‘one’ team, with IPM offering top class administration support. They offer a high touch, professional, reliable service are very approachable and a joy to work with."
    Global Mobility Manager
    FTSE 100
  • "We operate in a number of countries worldwide and have around 60 international assignments on-going at present. Smith & Nephew have worked with IPM since 1998 and during that time they have supported us in our endeavours to establish our policies and processes worldwide. I am pleased with the service they are providing and we have an excellent working relationship."
    International Assignment Co-ordinator
    Smith & nephew
  • "We have worked with IPM for 7 years. The team at IPM are responsive, knowledgeable and work hard to understand our business requirements in order to support us in our assignments. Regular contact is maintained by IPM with the team here at De La Rue when we set up our international assignments to ensure that our assignees have the best service and we have a joined up approach."
    Angela Day, Head of Remuneration and Benefits
    De La Rue
  • "IPM Global Mobility provide excellent specialist knowledge on all aspects of assignments and fully manage all assignments for us, meaning we don’t need to hire global mobility resource internally. They truly are an extension of the in-house HR team. We would recommend them for peace of mind that your global mobility programme is compliant and will be handled professionally. Very approachable and always quick to respond to any queries, a joy to work with."
    Shelley Moon, HR Business Partner
    Intelligent Energy

Latest news

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December 14, 2015
Outsourcing your international assignment management

8 factors to consider when – Outsourcing your international assignment management

When looking at outsourcing the management of your International Assignment Programme there are three main things to ask yourself before making a decision: Competence Can we build, but more importantly maintain, the depth of competence required to handle expatriate administration in-house? Would this be cost effective for our expatriate population? […]
November 25, 2015
Managing exchange rates

4 essential factors to consider in managing exchange rates for your international assignments

The nature of international assignments, where employees are sent to reside/work in another country by their employer for a ‘temporary’ period only, usually means that they will retain financial commitments in their home country – or at least wish to retain any savings there. Thus the issue of exchange rates […]
October 27, 2015
Non-compliance in global mobility

The implications and challenges of non-compliance in Global Mobility and how to avoid them

The management of compliance has always been an issue when assigning people internationally. The challenge is to ensure that tax, social security, and immigration legislation in both the home location of the employee, and the location in which they will be working are adhered to. And delivering the most cost […]

Success stories

Our mission is to take hassle, uncertainty and challenges out of our clients daily lives

Making the move easier

Making the move easier
During 2000 in the week before the Olympic Games, one of our clients faced the prospect of failure because accommodation could not be found in Sydney, Australia.

Making the process easier

Making the process easier
Large, international, organisations are not always centrally controlled. They may still need to transfer people between their operations around the world, however, and to do so on a basis that shows some degree of consistency globally.

Stopping issues before they arise

Stopping issues before they arise
During the partial shut down of US government departments in 2013, following the failure of both Houses to agree that year’s budgets we had a client with an assignment to the USA going live.

A permanent what?

A permanent what?
With many of our clients, we are managing assignment of Business Development personnel. By the very nature of this job, these individuals are being assigned into new jurisdictions to the company.